A solemn statement on the fight against piracy-Zhejiang Luqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
A solemn statement on the fight against piracy
Time : 2019-11-15


2019年 11月 15日

近日,我司接到客户投诉,并经我司法务部及相关部门联合调查,发现法国AVACA公司非法注册我司产品HL2.0 3.0的外观设计专利, 并威胁恐吓我司国外客户,不仅扰乱了市场秩序、破坏了我司销售计划,也严重损害了客户的切身利益。



2我司通过法律程序,申请欧盟知识产权局处理,已判决法国公司AVACA非法注册外观专利无效! 其结果如下:  


Recently, we have received complaints from our client. After investigation , we found that there is a Franch company AVACA who had illegally registered design patent of our company’s product HL 2.0 ad HL 3.0, and this company has threaten our EU clients, this behave has not only destroyed market order and our sales project, but also has affect our clients’ benefit.


In order to protect benefits of our company and clients, we hereby declare as below:  

1.Zhejiang Luqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is the only legal owner of products copyright, all rights reserved. Any third party is not allowed to fabricate and illegally sell our product without our authorization, illegally register our design patents is forbidden, otherwise our company will pursue their legal responsibility.

2.Our company has took legal process though EUIPO ( European Union Intellectutual Property Office) , and EUIPO has judged illegal registered design patent from France company AVACA’ as invalid.   

Attached are final result of invalid design patent. ( Link as bleow)


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