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With all the mechanical tools, the use of the process may be loose, causing the vehicle parts abnormal sound. You should regularly check the tire pressure, tire screw and other parts of the loosening of the screw. Wing thinking in the cleaning process, can not directly flush, can use a damp cloth to wipe or brush dirt place. The screw can be regularly used to maintain the appropriate care oil to prevent corrosion. Please keep the vehicle in a cool and ventilated place for a long time.

Caiqiees2.0 maintenance knowledge

Model: caiqiees2.0

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III. basic parameters of caiqiees2.0 vehicle
Maximum speed: 40km / h mileage: 71km motor: 1200W wheelbase: 1360mm maximum load: 175KG battery: 60V 20Ah tire size: 12 inches

Maintenance Tips:

1. The electric bicycle shall be maintained every half a year, the transmission parts shall be lubricated and rustproof, all fasteners shall be strengthened, and the tightness of spokes shall be adjusted.
2. When charging the battery, first insert the output plug of the charger into the battery box, and then connect the input plug of the charger into the electric socket in the room. Constant current, constant voltage, floating charge three-stage automatic switching mode is adopted for charging. When the battery reaches the sufficient level, it will automatically switch to floating charge without manual control of charging time. When not charging, do not connect the charger to the AC power supply without load for a long time. If the grid voltage fluctuation in the user area exceeds 15% of the normal value, it is recommended to configure a household appliance voltage regulator. The battery has a certain service life. If the driving mileage is less than 50% of the rated mileage after a full charge, the battery generally needs to be replaced. The replacement battery must be replaced in the special maintenance center, and the old battery must be handed over to the maintenance center for unified treatment.
3. During maintenance, any problems in motor, battery, control system and charger shall be repaired in the special maintenance center, and shall not be disassembled casually