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The balance of the car accidentally a small amount of water after, please immediately turn off the power switch, transport vehicles or support to a safe place, contact Sony Company Sales Department Service guidelines.

Lukehl electric vehicle warranty

In order to effectively protect your legal rights, improve the civil liability system for product quality, and facilitate the performance of the three guarantees obligation and responsibility, please properly keep the maintenance card. With the card and the purchase invoice, you can get the Three Guarantees service from the car seller.

I. Three Guarantees principle
1. When you purchase a car, you have the right to ask the sales staff for correct use methods and maintenance matters, and provide effective invoices, maintenance cards and maintenance units, addresses and contact numbers.
2. The user shall operate and use the product correctly according to the product manual. In case of performance failure due to manufacturing quality, it shall be in accordance with the law of the peoples Republic of China on domestic quality. According to the law of the peoples Republic of China on the protection of consumers rights and interests and the provisions of the state on three guarantees for products, each agent of the company shall perform the three guarantees obligations:

II. Other items not covered are vulnerable parts, and corresponding cost shall be charged for replacement.

III. vulnerable products, consumables and plastic parts are not covered by the warranty.

IV. if you need maintenance, you must go to the special maintenance center designated by the factory for maintenance, otherwise you will be responsible for all consequences.

V. the final interpretation right of the warranty terms belongs to the company.
Scope and content not included in "Three Guarantees":

1. Failure caused by the users failure to use, maintain and adjust in accordance with the "operation manual".

2. Failure caused by users non-compliance with the use regulations.

3. Faults caused by improper storage or accidents of users. (damage caused by impact, car falling, over speed, over load and chemical corrosion)

4. The user can dismantle, change or replace the fault caused by the non companys special accessories (battery, motor, controller, sensor) without permission.

5. The repairer who is not responsible for "Three Guarantees" breaks down and causes damage;

6. The appearance is damaged after sale; the vehicle is damaged due to force majeure;

7. The following vulnerable products, consumables and plastic parts are not covered by the warranty: brake block (leather), foot pedal, brake line, sensor, flasher, fuse, bulb, speedometer, buzzer, reflector, socket, horn, rearview mirror, harness, plastic parts, mud board, chain cover, ball frame, steel ball, lamp, inner and outer tire, standard parts, etc

8. There is no maintenance card, and the invoice or ticket card is inconsistent.

9. The warranty parts shall not be replaced for free if they are damaged artificially or beyond the three guarantee period.

10. The cost of self repair without the consent of the special maintenance unit.

hot tip:

1. Regulations on wading: when the vehicle passes the road with accumulated water in rainy days or travels through water in normal times, the wading depth shall not exceed the radius of the rear wheel (motor), and it is not allowed to spray with a water gun when washing the car. If the user violates this regulation, resulting in water in the motor, short circuit of internal coil, falling off of magnetic steel or short circuit of water in the controller, he will not enjoy the quality assurance service.

2. Regulations on serious overload: or those who lose the use function will not enjoy the quality assurance service.

3. It is not a quality problem, and it cannot be returned or replaced.

4. The tools and certificates provided with the car shall be checked in time, and the company or the dealer shall not reissue them.

5. If you have any questions during riding, please contact our company or authorized dealer immediately. We will provide you with timely, high-quality and efficient services.