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When the vehicle is in the process of alarm, the safety warning is generated according to the factors such as the speed of the vehicle, the load of the vehicle, the riding angle and the road condition. When the above happens, please pay attention to driving safety, do not speed.

A qualified luki Harley car has to go through many rigorous and complex processes before leaving the factory. 1. The product sketch design is to be finalized. 2. The development department coordinates the trial assembly of the sample car with respect to the iron frame, power, lamps, lines and instruments. 3. The appearance mold production, the iron frame mold production and the lamps mold production. 4. The trial assembly, the road test, the modification and coordination. 5. The mass production plan notice is issued before the production and after the production Strict purchase of raw materials, training of tooling personnel, offline inspection, strict packaging and delivery, in which each vehicle of EEC standard shall be equipped with COC certificate as standard, and the VIN frame number and engine number corresponding to the vehicle shall be presented on the document. The VIN frame number of Lugi ex factory Harley vehicle is arranged as follows: